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Our Solutions

We utilise our fifteen years of experience in this industry to bring our clients the most effective and efficient solutions for their businesses.

Markers excels at fieldwork and data collection services.

Markers teams have worked in a range of countries and a variety of industries, which gives us a unique understanding of what techniques are right for you.

Markers focuses on accurate and thorough research to help you truly understand your target audience and their motivations, consequently giving you the ability to grow your business.

We provide a completely personalised service that brings your firm an edge through our experience.

Quantitative Research

Our experience in quantitative spans across:

  • Face to face (CAPI, CAWI, Web CAPI)
  • CATI
  • Intercepts
  • CLT (Central Location Tests)
  • Gang surverys
  • HUT (Home Usage Tests)
  • Mystery shopping

Markers works hard to utilise reliable data so you can make the right decisions at the right time and get the best possible results.

Timeliness, field progress monitoring and back checks are the elements we stress on for the success of the quantitative fieldwork

Markers is determined to support its clients achieve their goals and thrive.

We understand that our services are absolutely essential in helping brands make the right decisions, which is why we’re so committed to ensuring every piece of our advice is backed by our research and will steer you in the right direction.

The services we provide range from tried-and-tested options such as Ethnography and Customer Satisfaction Surveys all the way to the more modern solutions like Eye Tracking. By combining traditional and more contemporary services, we help you accurately measure brand awareness and loyalty as well as capture qualitative and quantitative insights from your target audience.

Qualitative Research

Our experience in qualitative spans across:

  • Focus group discussions
  • Mini groups
  • Triads
  • Paired interviews
  • IDIs (in-Depth Interviews)
  • Shop-along
  • In-home visits
  • Ethnographies
  • Creative Sessions
  • Conflict groups
  • Online communities
  • Product Labs

Markers works with seasoned moderators and a large number of trustworthy and consistent recruiters.

Recruitment criteria is vital for any qualitative work and any recruitment undergoes a thorough verification process prior to execution of any fieldwork.